Pentecostal Derby goes to the wire!

For the first time in its history, the Pentecostal derby was being played in the top flight. CLM had

won all 3 prior encounters the last win being a 2-0 win in the cup last season. However, derby day

doesn’t follow normal rules or form and we all know anything can happen. With that being said, Elim

would get their first win of the season in an entertaining 3-2 victory at the Saracens Stadium. Goals

from Richards, J.Smith and Hughes were enough to drag the home team out the drop zone.

Betancourt, Dean Smith and Sampson all returned to the line-up after picking up knocks against

Christ the King, missing the 11-1 battering of Hope. Elim also welcomed Reid back into the line-up

for the first time this season. Elim shuffled the players in the 3-5-2 with Moroney and B.Clark

pushing into the centre-midfield and J.Smith moving outside right. Richards was partnered up top

with C.Smith and Titman and Baldwin kept their places on the left wing and left of defence

respectfully. Daniel Clark was joined on the bench with player manager Hughes and Watkins. This

game sadly came to early for Matewe, Jones and Jon Watts who were all in the players prayers

before had.

Captain Ben Clark in his new advanced role had an inspired game, up against former teachers of Blue

Coats was a game he didn’t want to lose. The game being a derby had some crunching tackles early

on, with the coolest man on the pitch being Haydn Foster the man with the whistle. D.Smith would

be brought down on the right side just beyond the half way. Moroney would whip a ball in for

C.Smith to flick on to his striker partner Richards to overhead kick beyond a helpless keeper. The ball

perfectly nestling into the top corner. That would be 3 goals in 4 games for the young striker, with

this being an early contender for goal of the season.

Sampson, would have a fantastic chance to make it 2-0 but despite a lovely one two would unleash a

shot high and wide to untroubled the keeper. CLM would crank up the pressure pilling down the

right, causing Baldwin and Titman a few dramas. Baldwin jumping into a tackle winning the ball and

the man would be a costly dead leg that followed, with the player landing on his quad. Captain Clark,

would play a fantastic through ball from 45 yards picking out Josh Smith on the right wing. The pacey

winger, trickled onto a one on one with the keeper keeping his composure to slot home and double

the Eagles lead. It’s not often the assist is more noticeable than the goal but this was great vision by

the skipper. Reid, Baldwin, Dean Smith and Betancourt would keep it tight keeping a first half clean

sheet seeing the home side lead 2-0.

The second half, seen the rain make an appearance and a more intent CLM. CLM from the kick off

had wave after wave of pressure cutting through on a number of occasions. Betancourt would make

a save that was like scoring a goal on the 51t minute, with a ball cut back to the six yard box. The

keeper not only saved the full paced shot but kept hold of it like a superhero. The 11 Elim fans all in

shock on the events unfolding. Corey Smith would make way as the first sub, with Elim’s youngest

hot prospect Daniel Clark coming off the bench. Elim slotting the 16 year old in at full back moving to

a 4-5-1 formation.

Elim’s rode their luck with a shot from 3 yards somehow sailing over and Clark clipping his own goal

in a desperate result to clear. Both teams made this game scrappy with Elim failing for over two

years to keep a clean sheet and the wait goes on longer sadly. The ball sailed in from a corner dealt

with by Moroney, or so it would seem. The following shot that followed deflected of Baldwin and

Titman to slot into a goal with all the navy men back in the box. Lucky moment but no more than

CLM deserved for their attacking efforts.

With the dead leg kicking in and Baldwin clipped again Watkins came in for a like for like swap at left

back. Sampson was keeping the ball well keeping control and possession and using the experience of

being a league winner out there. Richards was chasing all loose balls out, running himself into the

ground, whilst Moroney was chucking his body into every tackle. In the 80 th Minute it would be two

subs linking up from a Titman cross, that would secure the win. Watkins assisting Hughes to bullet

header and restore Elim’s two goal lead. The player manager, came on the pitch to see out the win

and played a crucial role in making things a little more comfortable. Dean Smith could of scored a

fourth but after losing his man on a corner, would fail to find the net with his head.

CLM heads still didn’t go and would be rewarded in 91 st minute, with pacey play on the left

outmuscling the full back to slot passed Betancourt and set up a nervy finish. With 1 minute on the

clock all Elim had to do was find the corner, but in reality Elim don’t do anything easy. A foot left in

would result in a David Beckham Greece free kick moment. Thankfully for Elim despite a nervy

moment the ball would miss the goal by a whisker and go wide allowing Elim to leap from CLM and

move up to 6 th in the league.

Many congratulations to CLM for a great battle, very inspirational performance despite never being

in a winning position they never gave up and almost took a point. Josh Smith was Elim’s man of the

match and picks up the award for the first time this season. Many thanks to Jonesy, Kevin, Benni,

Kai, Amy, Lydia, Duncan and Sam also for sacrificing weekends to support the team. Elim, also now

have their first win of 2020 coming in October.

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