Lowfors continue their run of good form!

Lowfors hit the road with an away trip to St John Fishers Seconds and breaking news rocked the squad early that Lowfors mr reliable Simon the cat Gough was unavailable for the game. Lucky for the Lowfors Mark birthday boy Sephton, delivered a present for us all and stepped into the breach. It still left Lowfors a search for a new cat, with the transfer window now firmly closed someone from within the squad had to step up. From the haze of the morning sun and with a smile on his face, the eagle had landed. After a gruelling night shift, Paul I can’t punch a ball Speroni took one for the team.

The game kicked off with Lowfors continuing with the 433 formation and heavy pressing mentality. It wasn’t long before the eagles long punt forward found Brendon who ghosted clean through and if it wasn’t for a stray hair in his eye from his near perfect man bun would have put the Lowfors 1 up.

Lowfors continued to battle hard with their midfield 3 winning first and second balls relentless for the first 20minutes. Lowfors just rewards followed and with the eagle pinging yet another 60 yard pass, the ball bounced lovely off megs bald spot straight into the path of our overlapping centre back Martyn Clarke, who let the ball come over his shoulder like David platt in Italia 90 and was unlucky to hit the post. But never fear Calvin swept in with his extra large shin pad to bundle the ball over the line 1-0 Lowfors.

Lowfors continued to press for a second with the Gould brothers running the show in the middle of the park and Calvin when not trying to locate his glasses started to get a real grip of the game. Brendon and Ellis started to tease the opposition's defence swapping wings and creating panic, Ellis went on a maze run putting at least 3 defenders on their back side and it tock a good tackle to stop Lowfors doubling their lead.

Then against the run of play, Fishers hit Lowfors on the counter attack with 5 minutes of the first half remaining and leveled the scores. A body blow for Lowfors and with their tails up Fishers pressed hard to the half time time whistle but Lowfors defence stood strong.

A composed discussion at half time lead to a professional 2nd half performance from the Lowfors in which the match remained uneventful for the first 20mins of the second half. A resilient performance from the Lowfors back four and the Lowfors midfield winning the physical battle centrally allowed the Lowfors flair players to come into their own.

Lowfors continued to create good chances and with 20 minutes to go the eagle again hit a 60 yard ping to the Lowfors ageing forward. Megs chased the ball like he was running in treacle and found himself 1 on 1 with the keeper, from an acute angle and using both the undulations of the pitch and his protractor managed to find the bottom corner. 2-1 Lowfors. Megs who looked confused about what happen proceeded to carry out aeroplane celebrations we hope never to be seen again.

The last 20 minutes gave Lowfors another couple of opportunities to wrap up the game but more importantly not to concede. A couple of tactical substitutes sured up the Lowfors defence and Lowfors stood tall for the win.

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